Risk Assessment is an effective way of assessing Health and Safety compliance.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers have the legal responsibility of providing a safe working environment that is without any risks. Performing a Risk Assessment is an effective way of determining if a workplace is free of any risks or of identifying potential or unforeseen risks.
It is through a Risk Assessment that possible problems can be identified as early as possible to allow control measures to be implemented. During a follow up Risk Assessment, the effectiveness of the control measures can be analysed and, should this be required, additional corrective measures can be implemented. However, this is not a task that can be done by any individual to maximum effectiveness. This is a task that can only be done by professionals in the Health and Safety field.

Correctly executed Risk Assessments have helped many workplaces escape fatalities, injuries, loss of productivity and even fines from the Department of Labour. The latter is important as inspectors from the Department have the powers to shut down sites until they deem the location compliant and safe to operate again.
Health and safety officials at MAKROSAFE perform Risk Assessments every day. The knowledge and experience gained has helped MAKROSAFE to put a Risk Assessment service package together that will help in the entire scope of meeting Health and Safety compliance.

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Health and Safety Risk Assessments are an important aspect of your companies Compliance

The services that can be enjoyed from this package include a comprehensive risk assessment as well as incidents and control measure reviews, which will be done on a regular basis. These will help assess the risks associated with the working activities as well as those posed by the workplace. The constant monitoring will ensure that workplaces are always on the right track when it comes to Health and Safety compliance. Monthly reports are drafted to enable employers to see the immediate status of their compliance.

Where needed, training is provided to educate a fire marshal or first aider as well as to ensure that employees constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills on Health and Safety. Such training can be provided through E-learning. MAKROSAFE is able to do so as it is a well-established training service provider which is registered with all national boards. It is also recognized by HWSETA, the authority tasked with monitoring and approving training service providers. This means that the training MAKROSAFE provides is of the highest quality and is according to the law.
Subscribers to the MAKROSAFE Risk Assessment package also benefit from the various policies MAKROSAFE has in place and which are stipulated in the OHS Act. These include policies for dreaded diseases, smoking policies as well as an explanation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Assistance with evacuation floor plans and evacuation drills are included in this package as well.

The Risk Assessment package will help, in many ways, to elevate the Health and Safety compliance of a workplace. It also ensures that the correct legal procedures are followed in all work activities. MAKROSAFE has all the knowledge and expertise in the field and is ready to help ensure the optimal functioning of your Health and Safety Programme.


Posted date: 2nd Nov 2015
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