Health/safety compliance: Health and Safety Committees should be established, by an employer, in workplace as soon as the number of health and safety representatives becomes two or more. He can establish one or more of such health and safety committees. Health and Safety Committees place a significant role in initiating, developing, promoting, maintaining and reviewing measures in the health and safety fields.

Health/safety compliance: Health and Safety Committees

Legal standards with regards to Health and Safety Committees:

  • The number of members of Health and Safety Committees is determined by the employer from time to time.
  • The employer is required by law to consult with this committee in all issues of health and safety.
  • If one committee has been established all health and safety representatives must be part of the committee.
  • If two or more committees are established with respect to the workplace, each health and safety representative should be a member of at least one of the Health and Safety Committees
  • The number of persons nominated by the employer to be part of the committee should not exceed those of health and safety representatives on that committee.
  • Health and safety committees will hold meetings as often as necessary but at least once every three months at a time and place determined by the committee
  • The proceedings of the meeting shall be determined by the committee
  • Health and Safety Committees can co-opt one member based on the person's knowledge on health and safety matters to be an advisory member
  • The chosen advisory member shall not vote on any matter in the committee
  • If an inspector feels the established Health and Safety Committees are inadequate, he may direct the employer, in writing, to establish more committeesHealth/safety compliance: Health and Safety Committees

Functions of Health and Safety Committees

?� Make recommendation to the employer regarding health and safety issues affecting employees
?� If it fails with the employer, they can make the same recommendations to an inspector
?� Shall discuss incidents that have occurred in the workplace especially the ones with consequences such as injury, illness, death.
?� They will, in writing, report the matter to the inspector
?� Keep records of each recommendations made to the employer or inspector and any report made to the inspector
?� They can perform any other duties as prescribed in the health and safety field.

Employers have the duty to ensure that Health and Safety Committees perform their duties as prescribed about and they abide to the legal conditions stated in Occupational Health and Safety Act.
The importance of establishing such Health and Safety Committees is that it means that a company is compliant to the legal stipulations of the Act. It also means that health and safety issues are getting sufficient attention as they are discussed by a panel of various people who will share views and knowledge.

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Posted date: 2nd Mar 2015
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