Health and safety consulting companies have been flourishing in recent years. Legislation is becoming more and more stringent. Ever-changing workplaces, new technologies are also some of the contributing factors.

Health and safety consulting companiesCompanies are also under pressure to ensure that health and safety standards demanded by the Department of Labour are met. Many companies are outsourcing the services of health and consulting companies to assist them with health and safety

Background Check

However, very few people bother to do a background check on health and safety consulting companies they choose to check for credibility and ability.

A respected health and safety consulting company should be capable of conducting a Risk assessment, a health and safety audit, consultation and assistance, to mention but a few.

Health and safety consulting companies

Consultants from proper health and safety consulting companies should be able to provide at least, assistance with drafting, policies, appointment letters, drafting safe operating procedures and providing information that can help companies with procedures for claiming for Injuries on Duty.

Some outstanding health and safety consulting companies are able to provide training in health and safety aspects. Examples are basic fire fighting and first aid. Such health and safety companies should be accredited as a training provider after their study material has been scrutinized. Those that have completed training must be issued with certificates that are recognised by the law. The certificate must state the date of issue and the duration of its validity.

Health and safety consulting companies should be registered with relevant national boards. After assessment, they should be accredited to ensure that they provide services that are recognised and approved by national boards.

When company's workplace is found to be legally compliant with all standards, health and safety consulting companies that audited it must issue the company with compliance certificate. It is a legal requirement for companies to be in possession of such certificates.

MAKROSAFE has the flexibility to provide all of the above services and many more services to their clients. We have comprehensive packages they provide to their clients covering suitable health and safety aspects of their workplaces. What makes MAKROSAFE stand out amongst other health and safety consulting companies is the fact that we recognise hard work and dedication. That is why thy established we MAKROSAFE HEALTH AND SAFETY AWARDS to acknowledge outstanding deeds in the health and safety field. This clearly indicates that they are not all about business but also motivating their clients, ultimately becoming a win-win situation.

When your services are in the hands of a capable health and safety consulting companies, you have a peace of mind and you can focus your energy on increasing productivity and profits without worrying about possible fatalities.

Many health and safety consulting companies fail to meet the promises they deliver. MAKROSAFE has all the experienced, knowledgeable and well-updated professionals on board to assist in all aspects of health and safety. We are only a telephone call away. Call us today.


Posted date: 27th Feb 2015
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