Forklift training and certification

Forklift Operator training and certification is a stipulation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. According to the Act, operators without a valid certificate are not allowed to operate the relevant lifting equipment in the workplace or working environment. There are two types of forklift operator training and certification programs stated in the Act.

a) Forklift Operator training and certification – Training course for beginners

Beginners are learners without prior training or experience in operating a forklift. This means that their training should be intense and more detailed. The Act states that beginners shall be subjected to a minimum of 40 hours training. The training should be a balance of both theory and practical skill on a 50-50% basis scale. Each facilitator is allowed to have a maximum of four learners in a group to teach the theoretical aspects. The same applies for demonstration and illustrations during practical lessons. The limitation is there to ensure that each learner receives the attention and dedication needed to ensure they become a high-standard operator. If a learner does not meet the unit standards, further training should be provided to achieve the outcome.

forklift operator training and certification

b) Training course for forklift operators requiring re-certification

Forklift operator certificates are only valid for 24 months after which the forklift drivers have to be re-certificated. However, the Act states that such re-certification can be done for certificates that are due to expire or that have only expired within a maximum period of 90 days. The training course comprises of four hours of theoretical instructions with special focus on safety. It also comprises of one hour practical training which must be done on a one-on-one basis with a facilitator.

After a successful training, both novice and experienced forklift operators are entitled to be issued with certificates of completion of the course. The certificates must be accredited and compliant with legal standards.
This is why it is essential that employers choose wisely the institute they want to send employees for their Forklift Operator training and certification. Employers are advised to do a background check on institutes before sending off trainees. This will enable them to determine if the Institute meets legal standards and protocols of training. This in turn will guarantee that learners are not issued with null and void certificates that are not recognized by the law.

MAKROSAFE is an accredited training provider that has been certifying and re-certifying driven machinery operators for many years, including Forklift Operator training and certification. All training and certification at MAKROSAFE is conducted according to the latest the Driven Machinery regulations.The training material is well-balanced between theory and practical. Each course is provided by well experienced, informed and updated lecturers. The facilitation training method has enabled us to make the training a great experience for all. Learners feel they are part of the learning experience rather than just being fed information.

After the completion of each training program, MAKROSAFE issues valid and recognized certificates. Forklift Operator training and certification is a must do to avoid breaching the law and preventing incidents and injuries in the workplace. Safely operated forklifts mean less stress, more peace of mind as well as increased productivity and profits.

Call us today and book for your training in just about any health and safety aspect. Many of them are stipulated by law, but in the end; it simply is the best thing to do.

Posted date: 5th Mar 2015
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