Health and safety compliance: Basic Fire Fighting Training

Companies are obliged by the law to have at least one trained fire fighter on site at all times for every 50 employees they have. Having employees attending a Basic Fire Fighting Training is the first step to be compliant. Basic fire fighting training is offered to assist employees who are tasked with the responsibility of fire-fighting activities in the workplace. It is meant to assist them execute their duties in the safest and most appropriate manner and to lay the foundations that professional fire fighters can use to kill a fire.

The Basic fire fighting training course introduces learners to the basics of preventing and fighting fire. It further educates them in-depth about fire fighting.
The content of the training should take the learner step by step from introduction up to the last step of dealing with a fire itself. Student fire fighters are introduced to the various kinds of fires he is dealing and the action that should be taken for each type of fire.

Basic Fire Fighting Training
Basic Fire Fighting Training

The basic fire fighting training course assists you to:
a) Identify different types of fire
The learner must be trained about the chemistry of fire, spread of fire and heat radiation. In addition, a learner will know how to classify different fires according to their causes.
b) Know how fire prevention can be done
Aspects to be discussed are fire prevention and protection, fire-fighting and safety equipment, fire causes and problems that may hamper fire control. Also a learner will be educated on how to prepare for an emergency and implement evacuation procedures.
c) Choose the right equipment for extinguishing different fires

Different fires can be effectively controlled by certain fire extinguishing methods. A basic fire fighter should be in possession of such knowledge.
d) Know how to operate basic fire fighting equipment.
Examples of basic fire fighting equipment are fire extinguishers and fire blankets.
e) Methods of extinguishing fires
f) Monitor and respond on time on changes on fire
g) Contain and/or extinguish fire

It is essential for Basic Fire Fighting Training to be provided by methods of both theory and giving learners an opportunity to perform practical exercises. No fire will ever develop according to the book.
Basic fire fighting training can have companies resting assured that in cases of fire emergencies, they are equipped with knowledge employees who will act quickly and efficiently. The last thing they need is having an acceleration of the fatality due to lack of knowledge on procedures to be followed.
When you need to meet health and safety compliance standards by having your staff trained to fight fires, MAKROSAFE is certainly able to assist you. Their training services include, not only basic fire fighting training but, a whole wide scope of training in all health and safety aspects. Training is provided through facilitator presentations, individual and group activities and discussions ad skills application. MAKROSAFE provides training in all regions of South Africa. Contact us today and we will advise you on all your training needs.


Posted date: 4th Mar 2015
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