Forklift Medicals for Lift Truck Operators

Forklift Medicals Suggested for Lift Truck Operators

Forklift medicals ascertain a driver's medical standard of fitness to drive a lifting truck. While in South Africa, all forklift drivers must be fit to drive and also must acquire a license to legally do so, there is no real legislation governing medical requirements in order to fill such a position. It is the responsibility of the company or employer to ensure that drivers are medically fit and that various medical tests are carried out to ensure that their drivers can safely operate heavy machinery without endangering themselves or other workers in the area.
The Occupational Health Services includes Forklift Medicals examination for all employees working with Lifting Equipment.


Factors that affect one's ability to safely manage and operate a forklift include the following:

  • The age of the driver: The older one gets, the more frequently medical and fitness tests should be carried out to ensure safety.
  • Disability: no disabled persons should be disadvantaged for their disability. Assessments and tests must be carried out and the ability to drive the forklift based on their skills and proven abilities of these tests.
  • Medication: the fitness of an individual to operate a forklift can be affected by taking prescription or even certain over the counter medications. In situations where heavy and dangerous goods are being handled, it is important to ensure that you are aware of whether your forklift drivers are taking medications that could affect their judgement and driving abilities.
  • Fitness assessments should be carried out every couple of years to ensure that abilities have stayed the same or improved. If any deterioration in control and judgement when operating a forklift is detected, additional training or assessment may need to be carried out.
  • Eyesight: annual eye tests should be carried out on all forklift or heavy lift truck operators.

It is vitally important to ensure that your employees are medically fit to operate heavy machinery. At MAKROSAFE, we offer professional forklift driver training and can assist with medical and fitness assessments and training too. To protect the safety of your forklift operators and other employees in the workplace, ensure that all the precautionary and safety measures are taken into account and adhered to.

If you are looking for assistance with carrying our regular forklift medicals, contact us at MAKROSAFE. We will ensure that your employees are fit and healthy to operate their forklifts and that in the event that additional training or assistance is required, it is provided efficiently and promptly with professionalism. Click on the links below that suit your needs.

Posted date: 20th Jan 2015
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