Legal Compliance Audit Protocol

The audit protocol is essentially a checklist that is used during an inspection to ensure all the requirements for compliance are being met.  The OHSAS 18001 Standard stipulates that an evaluation is carried out to establish a legal register of all occupational health and safety legislation that is applicable to the school.

Legislation, Measure Compliance

The protocol has two functions:

  1. Identifies the applicable legislation
  2. Measures the compliance of the organisation (school)

Every organisation in South Africa, including schools, need to comply with the applicable health and safety regulations that are stipulated in the law.  These laws have a measurement system so that evaluation of each category is easily assessed.  If there are any additional laws that are identified and applied within the context of the school, these can also be measured.

The audit protocol needs to be used in conjunction with the health and safety system in place.  The two complement one another and cannot be used in isolation.

The checklist system of the protocol is straightforward and the school will either comply or not.  Compliance rules are strict, and even if one item out of a hundred is broken, that entire category will be labelled non-compliant.

All items that are identified as unsuitable for compliance needs to be stipulated in the audit report.  Once rectified, the audit can be repeated and compliance re-evaluated.

Fortunately, there are checklists and other documentation that you can use on a daily basis on the school premises which makes auditing a lot easier.  

Posted date: 29th May 2017
Educational Services Industry

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