Top tips for effective workplace housekeeping

Your business housekeeping is about more than just cleaning floors and organising clutter.  To improve employee productivity and help prevent injuries, follow these top tips for effective workplace housekeeping:

Infographic on housekeeping

  • Most injuries at work are due to slips, trips and falls.  Keep floors clean and dry (including storerooms), and where there are a lot of wet processes, there must be adequate drainage.
  • Use the correct cleaning materials.  For example, oils and grease can leave slippery surfaces behind, even if it looks clean.
  • Report and clean all spills and leaks.
  • Exits and passageways must be free of items.
  • Put up warning signs where necessary (such as “mind the step”)
  • Store flammable materials in designated locations
  • Do not store items in stairwells
  • There must be at least one metre distance between piled material and the ceiling
  • Inspect personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools regularly
  • All housekeeping policies should be put in writing


Posted date: 5th Mar 2018
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