5 things Health and Safety Reps to do to ensure compliance

Safety Rep, Compliance

Health and Safety representatives have no official legal duties, as they are appointed by fellow employees.  However, there are important things that they do to ensure that a business is fully compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Here are 5 functions of the health and safety representative:

  1. Review the effectiveness of all health and safety measures.  This includes carrying out routine inspections of the workplace on a regular basis (at least once a quarter).  All inspections must be followed up by a written report.
  2. Investigate potential hazards and risks.  These are usually incidents or areas that are brought to the employer’s attention by an employee or client.  It can be as simple as a leak in the ceiling to a complicated matter such as building maintenance.
  3. Make inquiries into causes of accidents.  This includes doing a thorough investigation, interviews, and writing a detailed report.
  4. Investigate employee complaints and concerns, represent staff in consultations, and discuss courses of action with the employer.
  5. Stay up-to-date with current legal standards and requirements.  Employers need to ensure that health and safety representatives attend ongoing training to stay abreast with new developments in the field.

Posted date: 5th Nov 2017
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