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Is it time for your business to have a noise survey carried out? Noise certainly has some negative connotations attached to it. For starters, it is considered a form of pollution. It can be annoying and also physiologically damaging. In the workplace it can become quite a problem. Workers exposed to noise levels of 85dBA for an extended period of time can actually experience permanent hearing deterioration or loss. And that's just the start. Noise can also have various other negative impacts on the business such as interference with clear communication and reduction in overall productivity.

Business owners are legally required to have a noise survey carried out every 2 years. In South Africa, there is legislation in place that regulates workers' exposure to noise in the work place. This legislation is governed by the Noise Induced Hearing Loss Regulations, OHS Act (85 of 1993) as well as Occupational Hygiene Regulations, MHS Act (29 of 1996). These acts protect the health of workers by stipulating that they should not be exposed to noise levels or 85dBA or more at any time. In the event that the business must work within conditions where noise levels exceed the acceptable limit, various precautions must be taken. The precautions include engineering, administrative control and the use of protective gear and equipment.

Approved noise inspectors are required to carry out the 2 year surveys. Any areas within the business where the noise level exceeds the 85dBA limit must be clearly demarcated and warnings must be highly visible. Any workers or employees who are exposed to the high rated noise areas within the business must be regularly assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure that their medical health is not deteriorating or affected.

MAKROSAFE is a trusted and accredited company that specialises in noise surveys. Our professional and experienced consultants will pay a visit to your premises to carry out a thorough analysis of the working environment. If any changes need to be made, management will be advised of the systems, procedures and of course requirements needed. If the business premises are not up to standard in terms of legislation, a hearing conservation plan or strategy must be drawn up and implemented. At MAKROSAFE we can assist you with drawing up this plan and incorporating it into your business.

Our aim is to ensure that your business is operating in accordance to legislation so as to avoid fines or even litigation in the future. Having a safe working environment is about protecting your staff member's health, but it is also about protecting the productivity and integrity of your business. Should a staff member threaten legal action for poor or illegal working conditions, the surveys can be referred to and so can the medical tests that your staff members must undergo. Noise surveys will ensure that your business is covered in potentially costly and damaging situations.

Of course, a happy and healthy workforce is also a loyal and productive one. If your staff members feel cared for and protected, they will feel be loyal to your business and its brand. By showing your staff members that you take an interest in their wellbeing you can improve on how your business is viewed not just by the public, but by your internal team too.

When working with the MAKROSAFE team you will find that we carry out our surveys swiftly and accurately. We will disrupt your business procedures as little as possible and will work hard to find a solution for your business that earns you compliance now and going forward. Ensuring that your business is always within the regulations and limitations of the various laws in place; simply ensure that all staff members are doing their bit towards following company protocol and procedure when it comes to noise levels. Whether this means not entering certain areas or making use of protective equipment ' it is essential that you take the time to educate your staff members on the potential dangers and ensure that every one is working together to create a safer and healthier working environment.

For more information and advice on having a professional noise survey carried out on your premises, contact us via email or telephone at MAKROSAFE. We will ensure that you are provided with all the relevant information required.

Posted date: 16th Mar 2015
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