Does your business require a letter of good standing? Or do you need to renew your letter of good standing? The process can be complicated or confusing if you have never handled the matter before. Letters of good standing can sometimes also be referred to as 'letters of authorisation or 'letters of existence. These particular certificates or letters are only issued by proper authorities and are required to verify that a company exists and has permission or is authorised to trade in that particular country or region.

The letter also serves to state that the company in question has paid all of its fees and taxes up to date and meets with all legislative requirements to operate within its particular field. As you can imagine, these letters are particularly important to companies that want to involve themselves, or open themselves up for foreign trade.

When applying for a letter of good standing there is a certain procedure that must be followed and only members of the compensation fund may apply. Letters are only granted to companies that are regularly assessed. Such assessments can be paid off over 2, 3 of 6 months as granted by the compensation commissioner. At MAKROSAFE we can assist companies to effectively apply for a letter of good standing. With our assistance you can choose to pay for your assessment and certification on an annual basis or you can choose to make use of the offered payment plan.

For annual assessments and payments, MAKROSAFE will handle the application by sending your return of earnings to the commissioner. The business will then be assessed and only once the outstanding fees have been paid, the letter will be provided. This letter or certification is valid for 12 months ' thereafter it will need to be renewed. For those who wish to make use of the payment plan, much the same process is followed. Once MAKROSAFE receives the assessment, an application will be sent to the commissioner for a payment plan. If this is the route that your business wishes to follow, you must submit your application with a 20% part payment of the fees. If the application is approved, you will be provided with the option of settling the outstanding balance over 2, 3 or 6 months. In order to ensure that your letter of good standing never lapses, we advise that our clients pay over the fees at least 2 weeks before their current letter of good standing expires.

At MAKROSAFE our IOD department requires power of attorney for your business. We will provide you with a legal document to sign that grants us this particular authority for the handling of your letter of good standing. This is highly recommended if you want to ensure the best possible outcomes for your application. Our team of professional consultants is well versed in how the system and process works. We can use our thorough knowledge and expertise to ensure that the process is swift and hassle free for you. Ensuring that you can have complete peace of mind is our main objective.

MAKROSAFE has many years of experience in the field when it comes to occupational health and safety assessments as well as training. Our team of consultants is in the best possible position to assist you with ensuring that your business reaches the required levels of compliance and can also ensure that your staff members are trained to do their bit towards a safer and healthier work place ' which of course means that you will pass your assessments with greater ease and earn your letters of good standing in the process.

In case you are not completely sure what is required or entailed when applying for such a letter, we recommend that you speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants who will advise you of the requirements and ensure that you understand the process that is to follow.

If you are looking for assistance with letters of good standing take the time to get in touch with our professional and experienced team at MAKROSAFE. We will handle the process for you and ensure that you are kept updated every step of the way. For more information and advice email us or give us a call today!

Posted date: 16th Mar 2015
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