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Achieve Health and Safety Compliance with the Help of an Expert Health and Safety Company

Health and safety procedures implemented into your business' daily operations do more than protect your employees in each activity carried out within the business. These procedures also protect customers, contractors and, of course, the corporate image of your company. Regardless of the type of business that you are operating, there is always the potential for injury or damage to someone's health, and these potential hazards need to be realised by your business and mechanisms set in place, to minimise potential negative effects. A professional health and safety company, such as MAKROSAFE, will be able to assist you with assessing your business' current compliance with industry imposed health and safety regulations and legislations, and set systems in place to control and monitor the workplace situation.

While most companies already subscribe to various forms of health and safety procedures to avoid accidents, illnesses and so on, there are still thousands of injuries and workplace related illnesses that crop up each and every year in South Africa. Millions of Rands are paid out to compensate those who sustain injuries or get sick, and the best thing that you can do for your business and its image and longevity is to ensure that an expert team assesses your business, and suggests a plan of action. In the unlikely event that accidents and illnesses still occur after setting precautions in place, you will need experts to assist you with investigating the incident and processing the claim with the Workers Compensation Commissioner. At MAKROSAFE, we can offer this particular service and a great deal more.

The MAKROSAFE team is one that understands the nature of the workplace across many industries. We have over 1 600 clients working within a broad variety of industries and we draw knowledge from our experience in the field to ensure that each client is presented with a health and safety solution that is specific to the needs and requirements of their particular business. Our training is based on teaching staff members how to handle hazardous machinery and situations, and how to carry out processes and daily tasks in accordance with the regulations and legislations in place in your specific industry. Our health and safety programme has received much praise for its effectiveness and, of course, our thorough approach.

If you are looking for a professional health and safety company to assist you with setting procedures in place to achieve industry related compliancy, and to ensure that your workers, customers and your company image are kept safe, then you are at just the right place. Contact us, at MAKROSAFE, for more information and advice on our services today.

Posted date: 8th Jan 2015
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