Basic health and safety rules are the foundation that every company should lay down. Before even applying legal standards and regulations, it is essential to first stipulate the ground rules of health and safety in the workplace. It is equally essential that these basic and simple rules are communicated to employees and are well understood. Such basics apply to all workplaces regardless of the various working activities companies conduct.

The following is a list of some Basic health and safety rules that should be applied and observed by all in the workplace. However, the list is not limited as companies can add more rules which they may feel they are unique and important for their workplaces.

  • Be responsibly in all your actions.

Employees should ensure that all their working activities do not endanger their lives and that of fellow employees.

  • Be attentive

Employees must be focused and attentive when performing all working activities. Loss of focus may result in incidents and injuries. Employees must be discouraged from working when they feel there is any condition that may jeopardize their health and safety. This includes fatigue, drowsiness or blurred vision.

  • Wear well-fitting clothing or accessories

All working clothing should fit properly. Anything that can catch in machinery or can cause other hazards is prohibited in the workplace.

  • Don't play pranks at work

Practical jokes, pranks and horseplay are vehemently discouraged in the workplace as they can result in serious injuries, especially around heavy machinery.


  • Good housekeeping.

Having a tidy working environment can reduce hazards in the workplace. Always put away equipment and products in an orderly manner and preferable in their correct storage place when they are not in use. Keep the floors clean and dry, wipe up spills as soon as they occur and place wet floor signs on wet floors. A simple slip or trip can be fatal.

  • Report incidents immediately

Always report incidents as soon as they occur no matter how minor they are, including near-misses. Employees should also report defective equipment or unsafe working conditions.

  • Know the location of your emergency equipment and how to use it

Employees must be made aware of the location of emergency equipment such as First Aid and fire fighting equipment. They should also be trained on how to effectively use the equipment.

  • Back your safety program

Employees must be stimulated to bring forth any ideas or information which may help to reduce accidents. They must report such to supervisors, obey safety rules and work hand-in-glove with their safety committees. That way, the company's health and safety program will always be solid.

  • Never take chances

Taking chances, sheer carelessness and short cuts are probably the biggest causes of most workplace injuries. Employees must always follow procedures in all activities and ask for assistance if they unsure about any activity.

  • Know and follow all safe working procedures

Following safe working procedures means all working activities are done by the book hence; reduced incidents and injuries.

  • Observe signageBasic health and safety rules

Following the instructions and information provided by signage will go a long way in reducing injuries and fatalities.

  • Personal Protective Equipment must be used always, where required.

Employees must be educated on the importance of PPE. It is there to protect them hence; they must always use it where required.

Basic health and safety rules must be communicated to all employees and users of premises. These Basic health and safety rules can be observed as a daily work routine before employees start shifts or they can be displayed as wall charts in their working areas as a constant reminder of health and safety.

MAKROSAFE Safety Consultants can assist your companies lay down Basic health and safety rules for your workplace and they can advise you on the ones that are most relevant for your working activities. The Safety Consultants also have expertise in legal standards and regulations and they can assist your company with all legal standards you need to meet to achieve compliance. We are just a phone call away!

Basic Health and Safety Rules training is included in MAKROSAFE’s Health and Safety Induction training, this training is FREE of Charge should you utilise the MAKROSAFE’s Health and Safety Programme package service – for more information visit the service page.


Posted date: 1st Apr 2015
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