Get Full Service Support from MAKROSAFE's OHS Programme

The Full Health and Safety Programme allows you the client to reduce stress, workload and discomfort by transferring the responsibility of implementing a health and safety programme in the workplace to MAKROSAFE.

Ensuring Health and Safety in the workplace is a never ending challenge that requires thorough understanding of all relevant legislation and the involvement of specialists.  Maintaining health and safety in the workplace involves many administrative processes and dedicated follow ups.  It also demands one to have the ability to make impartial observations and knowledge about possible solutions.


Get the Total Solution and More with Our OHS Programme

MAKROSAFE employees are characterised by their knowledge, experience, commitment and dedication. With the Health and Safety Programme you get full access to these individuals and more. Some aspects of what you can expect from the programme are listed below.

  • The administrative team ensures that all your data is captured instantly and correctly.
  • They also look after claims involving Injuries on Duty;
  • They liaise with the Department of Labour or the Compensation Commissioner and secure Letters of Good Standing, amongst other services they provide.
  • MAKROSAFE inspectors, compliance auditors and risk assessors inspect workplaces regularly to identify risks
  • To suggest control measures that are required to reduce or nullify the risk.
  • MAKROSAFE has the capacity and the knowledge to conduct all inspection aspects that are described in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • Inspections and follow up consultations are done monthly, quarterly and annually.
  • Clients are continuously updated on work conducted and improvements made.
  • Client have the benefit of accessing numerous templates such as policies, inspections, procedures and appointment letters online that MAKROSAFE has drafted over many years and which can assist in improving operations and increasing the health and safety in the workplace.

Who will Benefit from MAKROSAFE's Health & Safety Programme?

Everyone within the organisation will benefit knowing that a professional health and safety programme is in place and being properly implemented.

What we offer

  • ViewIT™. (online filing system and porthole to view current status of your programme) ×
  • Health & Safety compliance audit. ××
  • OHS Health and Safety Risk assessment. ××
  • Implementation of your Health and Safety Programme. ××
  • Hosting your Health & Safety Programme on the cloud. ×
  • Injuries on Duty (IOD) support ××
  • Once off issue of OHS Act book and Poster Pack ×
  • Training First Aid (1 delegate) ×
  • Training Basic Fire Fighting (1 delegate) ×
  • Unlimited Health and Safety e-learning training (currently 4 courses) ×
  • OHS Inspection Services (All) (monthly, quarterly and annual inspections) ××
  • Consulting monthly ×
  • Monthly reports ×
  • Annual compliance certificate ×
  • Annual industry award recognition ×
  • Access to Appointment Letters Templates ×
  • Access to Inspection Templates ×
  • Access to Inspection Work Instructions Templates ×
  • Access to Safety Operating Procedures Templates ×