Health and Safety Committees

MAKROSAFE - Occupational Health and Safety Committees in Educational Institutions

What is a Health and Safety Committee?

A health and safety committee is a group of people who are responsible for identifying and addressing hazards in the workplace. The committee should be made up of representatives from all levels of the organisation, including management, employees, and health and safety professionals.

Health and safety Committees are at the core of the health and safety activities in the workplace.

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What are the benefits of having a Health and Safety Committee?

An Occupational Health and Safety Committee can help to:

  • Reduce the risk of accidents and injuries
  • Improve compliance with health and safety legislation
  • Increase employee morale and productivity
  • Promote a culture of safety within the organisation


What are the roles and responsibilities of a Health and Safety Committee at a School in South Africa?

The roles and responsibilities of a health and safety committee may vary depending on the size and type of organisation. However, some common tasks include:

  • Identifying and assessing hazards
  • Recommending and implementing corrective actions
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of health and safety programs
  • Educating and training employees on health and safety issues


How can MAKROSAFE help with Health and Safety Committees in Schools?

MAKROSAFE can help you with all aspects of health and safety committees, including:

  • Establishing a committee
  • Providing health and safety training
  • Advising on risk management strategies
  • Conducting workplace audits and assessments
  • Developing and implementing health and safety programs


MAKROSAFE is committed to helping organisations improve their workplace safety. We believe that health and safety committee members play a vital role in health and safety risk management. By establishing and maintaining a high-functioning health and safety committee, organisations can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, improve OHS compliance and promote a culture of safety.

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Ensuring a well-functioning health and safety committee is but one of many responsibilities placed on the employer. Conducting a thorough risk assessment will empower the committee to take action on the suggested control measures to create a safer workplace. Click on the button above to discuss these health and safety opportunities with a health and safety consultant.


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