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History of MAKROSAFE Holdings (Pty) Ltd

MAKROSAFE Est in 1997 – is a well-vetted Health and Safety Consultants company that specialises in the implementation of Health and Safety Programmes, that cover all aspects of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 – thus ensuring full Health and Safety compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
MAKROSAFE health and safety consultants services include – the capturing and managing of Injuries on Duty (IOD’s),  conducting in-depth Health and Safety Compliance Audits, backed-up with a compressive Risk Assessments which include the implementation of all health and safety control measures such as Health and Safety Inspections, Legal Appointments, Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Health and Safety Policies and Procedures, Health and Safety Training, Occupational Hygiene Surveys, Occupational Health (Medicals) and Permits, this is all supported and managed by the state of the art management system to ensure that the clients Health and Safety programme in at optimal levels at all time.

Our Story

Our Story: A Commitment to Safety, Elevated

MAKROSAFE's journey in health and safety began in 1997 with a visionary mission: making health and safety compliance affordable and accessible for all South African employers. This dedication continues to be a cornerstone of our identity.

Fast forward to 2017. We embarked on a critical step – refining our core purpose and values. This wasn't done in isolation. We partnered with our valued employees to define a framework that guides everything we do.

More Than a Vision: A Trusted Dealership

Today, MAKROSAFE is proud to be a designated SafetyWallet Authorised Dealership. This prestigious recognition signifies our unwavering commitment to the highest safety standards.  It means you can trust that the health and safety solutions we offer are meticulously vetted and meet SafetyWallet's rigorous criteria.

Our Guiding Principles: Purpose and Values

Our vision and mission may evolve as we grow, but our core purpose and seven core values remain constant.  These principles define who we are and how we interact with our employees, customers, community, and partners, including our fellow SafetyWallet Authorised Dealerships.

Together, We Elevate Safety Standards

As a SafetyWallet Authorised Dealership, MAKROSAFE offers a unique advantage.  We provide a direct path to a vast array of endorsed safety products and services – all designed to cultivate a culture of safety and compliance within your organisation.