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The MAKROSAFE Overhead Crane Novice and Recertification Courses are the best way to ensure that your overhead crane operators are fully equipped for safe crane operation. By ensuring that your staff members have practical and theoretical understanding in crane operations, and are able to carry out safe handling and maintenance practices, you can have confidence knowing that your business is compliant with legislative and manufacturer standards.

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  • Overhead Cranes are mechanical lifting machines and therefore fall under the Occupational Health and Safety Act which states that the employer, user or manager should ensure that the legal requirements regarding the safe use of lifting machinery are complied with.
  • They are electrically driven machines that are used to lift and move a load. They are manufactured in different sizes to lift different capacities. These cranes are classified as follows:
    • Radio controlled (code 30)
    • Pendant controlled (code 30)
    • Remote controlled (code 30)
    • Cabin controlled (code 31)
  • The operator of a pendant or radio controlled crane is responsible for slinging the load to be lifted. The operator of a cabin controlled crane is not in a position to sling a load himself and therefore normally have helpers on the ground.
  • This course aim to provide the learner with the required knowledge and skills to operate and work with the crane in the safest and most competent way possible.


Benefits of Overhead Crane Training.

The learner can understand, explain and apply:

    The relevant certification from a legislated “competent authority” verifying the safety of the crane.
    The pre-operational and operational and ‘close-down’ checks for the components of a crane.
    Different lifting equipment (e.g. cranston hooks, spreader bars, chain/wire slings, cargo trays etc) that can be used for the lifting of different freight in various conditions and applications (e.g. abnormal loads).
    Various crane types, with variances in application.
    Safe slinging methods that can be used depending on package type.
    The relevant legislation (e.g. ILO requirements, Occupational Health and Safety Act etc) and international standards pertaining to lifting equipment and safety).
    The principles of lifting weights and the variances of safe capacities according to load distance tables (e.g. Manufacturer’s specifications).
    Nationally and internationally recognised hand signals used for Cranes.

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