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Basic fire fighting training course

The Basic Fire Fighting Training Course has been aligned to registered unit standards. You will be assessed against the outcomes of the unit standards by completing a knowledge assignment that covers the essential embedded knowledge stipulated in the unit standards, and by compiling a portfolio of evidence that provides proof of your ability to apply the learning to your work situation.

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This Basic Fire Fighting Training Course will enable you to identify diffrent types of fires and provide you with information about fire prevention and protection.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify different types of fire
  • Explain and practice fire prevention
  • Operate basic fire fighting equipment
  • Perform basic fire fighting procedures

Fire Prevention

  • Fire Prevention and Protection
  • Firefighting and Safety Equipment
  • Problems that May Cause Fires and Hamper Fire Control
  • Prepare for an Emergency

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Benefits of Fire Fighting Training.

    Identify, contain, prevent and extinguish different types of fires.
    Operate basic fire fighting equipment.
    Explain and practice fire prevention.
    Perform basic fire fighting procedures.
    Fire prevention is explained in relation to industry safe practices (OHS Act) and company specific procedures.
    Apply different fire fighting techniques.
    Evacuation procedures and emergency evacuation plan.

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