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The MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate training course discusses all major aspects of the profession. It looks at legislation, activities, safety inspections, safety principles, risk assessment and the implementation and evaluation of solutions to health and safety hazards that were identified during such risk assessment.

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MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate Training Course

  • Chapter 1
    Legislation (Occupational Health and Safety Act)- 2 days
    Upon completion of this chapter, successful learners will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant current occupational health and safety legislation as it applies to the workplace and the environment. They will be able to explain the consequences of noncompliance. Learners will know the difference between criminal and civil law as applied to workplace health and safety legislation, and will understand the responsibilities of employers and employees. They will see how legislation works by looking at a relevant case study.
  • Chapter 2
    Health and safety representative functions– 2 days
    Participants learn about what is expected of the workplace health and safety representative. They will be able to explain the rights, powers, functions and duties of HR reps, and will know how to conduct a consultation process with interested and affected parties. They will be able to participate in activities of safety, health and environmental structures, to measure these activities, and will know what is required to resolve issues.
  • Chapter 3
    Health and Safety Inspections – 1 day
    Candidates , once successfully completed ,  will be able to perform, initiate remedial action, report on and follow up a workplace pre-use, safety and/or audit inspection. The learner will also be able to explain the legal and specified requirements pertaining to conducting these inspections.
  • Chapter 4
    Health and Safety Principles Regarding Movement of People and Machinery  – 2 days
    This course enables learners to monitor, report and give advice when people and materials and machines move in and around a workplace. Learners will understand the SHE principles involved and will be able to apply them to eliminate hazards.
  • Chapter 5
    Risk Assessment  – 2 days
    Explain the legal and specified requirements for conducting a Risk Assessment
  • Chapter 6
    Implementation and Evaluation  – 1 day
    The person who has successfully completed this course will be able to explain the importance of integrating safety and health considerations in routine activities within the workplace. he or she will also be able to identify critical areas where action must be taken to prevent incidents from taking place. Learners will be able to measure safety performance against established objectives, deal with any deviations from the set objectives and make recommendations about the development of the safety and health management programme.


Benefits of Health and Safety Certificate Course.


    This course is based on South African Legislation.
    The course discusses all major aspects of the profession.
    The course is fully accredited by the Health and Welfare Sector Education Training Authority (HWSETA) and endorsed by the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (SAIOSH)
    Once completed students also receive 4 credits towards their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

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