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Health and Safety Documents

Implementing and maintaining your own OHS programme takes a lot of work and just as much paperwork. Keeping Health & Safety documents is an important way to keep your workplace Health and safety compliant.

Regulatory and enforcement policies

  • The OHS Act is a self-regulatory act. Due to the fact that it would be very difficult for the Department of Labour to police and enforce the Act at all the different organisations in our country, the law makes it the duty of both the employer and the employees to take responsibility for health and safety issues in their own workplace. This is what the term “self-regulatory” means.
  • The law achieves this self-regulation by requiring organisations to develop effective workplace policies (section 7) and procedures. The law also requires commitment from both parties (employer and employee) to ensure that these policies and procedures are applied. The method used for achieving this is the health and safety committees and the health and safety representatives.
  • The OHS Act is the only Labour Act that regards the consequences of noncompliance as a criminal offence (section 38-presumption in law). This means that in situations that result in serious injuries or death, both the employer and employee can be criminally prosecuted if they did not comply with the Act.

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