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Health and Safety Documents

Implementing and maintaining your own OHS programme takes a lot of work and just as much paperwork. Keeping Health & Safety documents is an important way to keep your workplace Health and safety compliant.

Risk Management is a framework of principles, practices and criteria for implementing best practice in managing environmental and occupational health and safety risks. These principles are also applied to other risks in business, and are used to manage the risk of financial loss, of a substandard product, of damage to reputation and so on.

Should an organisation place OHS management as a low priority many risks arise. These include risk to the environment, to individuals of injury and disease, and the risk of financial liability to the organisation as a whole

The general principles of Occupational Health and Safety risk management are:

  • Energy and other forms of stressors my result in injury or disease at substantial cost to the individual, to the organisation for which they work and to the community as a whole.
  • Organisational factors, misinformation and other issues may cause pollution and negative health and safety outcomes for workers and the environment and ultimately undermine the profitability (bottom line) of the organisation.
  • The processes that result in pollution, injury and ill health develop over time and provide opportunities for intervention. However, the best time to intervene is at the start of these processes.
  • Value judgements about acceptability of occupational health and safety risks depend on perception. Communication and consultation are both important ways of rationalising the perceptions of different stakeholders.
  • Management of occupational health and safety risks should be based on the logical analysis of data.
  • The most effective control of OHS risks is based on providing a safe place of work rather than trying to change people. Stated differently: engineering control works better than behaviour-based risk management.

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