Working from Home and Your Health and Safety Committee

Members meet in order to initiate, promote, maintain and review measures of ensuring the health and safety of the workers. For the Employee working from home this means that there is a Health and Safety Representative that could voice concerns regarding health and safety to the committee. The Committee reports to the CEO, which is responsible for the Company’s health and safety or whomever was appointed by the CEO to fulfill this role.

If only one committee has been established for a workplace, all the designated Health and Safety Representatives must be members of that committee. If an inspector is of the opinion that the number of committees in the workplace is inadequate, he or she may determine the establishment of additional committees. Every designated Health and Safety Representative must be a member of at least one health and safety committee. Employers may nominate persons to represent them on a committee. On any committee, the people who represents the employer may not be more than the number of health and safety representatives who represent the workers.

They Health and Safety Representatives meet whenever it is necessary, but at least once every three months. The committee determines the time and place. However, if 10% or more of the workers put a request for a meeting to the inspector, the inspector may order that such a meeting be held at a time and place which he or she determines. The members of the committee elect the chairperson and determine his or her period of office, meeting procedures, etc.

Health and safety committees may co-appoint persons as advisory members for their knowledge and expertise or consult with expertsfor advice on Health and Safety matters. However, such an advisory member does not have any voting powers.