Working from Home and the Compliance Audit

Working from home has taken on a whole new perspective for thousands of South African employees. However, that does not mean that health and safety measures in the home workspace can be overlooked. Maintaining those standards in the home working environment is now a priority.

Quite simply, what this means is that employees will have to adhere to the same safety standards at work as they do in the areas demarcated for working from home.

MAKROSAFE, a leading health and safety consultancy, has devised a Compliance Audit in keeping with current trends and South Africa’s lockdown because of COVID-19.

Among the aspects of health and safety within the home working environment are:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Required policies and procedures
  • Health and Safety letters of appointment
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Injuries on Duty
  • Inspections
  • Hazardous Chemical Substances (where applicable)
What is a Compliance Audit?

A Compliance Audit reveals a company’s level of achievement in terms of health and safety legislation. It identifies areas of risk that must be addressed. It provides direction for a course of action and it identifies improvements that can be made to reduce company risk. Also note that the findings of a Compliance Audit are therefore directly aligned to legislation adherence.

The MAKROSAFE Action Report

MAKROSAFE’s Compliance Audit incorporates an overall Action Report (AR). This report is designed to assist employers to identify and prioritise credible plans of action to strengthen areas of weakness in overall health and safety standards. By directly aligning health and safety compliance findings with legislation means that corrective plans of action can directly impact on a company’s legal compliance. AR’s will illuminate the success of immediate plans of action to improve health and safety in the workplace.

By partnering with a leading OHS consultancy like MAKROSAFE, South African industries will to able to implement health and safety standards that not only comply with legislation but that are also cost-effective.

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