Inspections Conducted when Working from Home

The need and purpose of workplace safety inspections conductedwhen working from home exists, because working from home has become an extension of the workplace and are therefore treated as a section thereof. Health and safety regulations would have to be extended to include the area used for working from home.

The employer is obliged to provide employees with safe and health working conditions. To know exactly how safe and healthy working conditions are or aren’t he needs to constantly monitor performance against health and safety standards and procedures as prescribed by law and company policy. This is achieved by conducting regular safety inspections in the workplace and recording the results.

Working from home is no different. Inspections may be held and checklists recorded by the employer. If the Employee do not provide these checklists the responsibility in the event of an injury or incident may fall on the employee solely and the employer is then indemnified by the actions of the employee.

Other factors to consider when working from home:

As tools and equipment get older they get worn out or damaged. Such tools can be very dangerous and need to be repaired or replaced. Materials, equipment and procedures constantly change. Ignoring such changes can jeopardize people’s health and safety. Lack of the necessary skills to perform a certain job can cause injury. Regular safety inspections will help to expose possible training needs. Safety inspections may vary in purpose from routine to maintenance inspections to inspections after a major incident like a fire or aircraft crash.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist

Examples of questions relevant to this type of inspection:
Are all fire extinguishers placed on an asset register with a unique number?
Are all fire extinguishers still valid to point of date?
Have the fire extinguishers been inspected monthly by the appointed firefighter?
Is the service seal of the fire extinguisher intact?
Is the fire extinguisher corrosion and damage free?

First Aid Box and Equipment Inspection Checklist

Examples of questions relevant to this type of inspection:
Is the first aid box easily removable in an emergency?
Is there a qualified first-aider available with a valid certificate?
Is the name of the first-aider displayed on box?
Is the first aid box indicated by a symbolic sign?
Where an eye injury can occur due to sudden contact with biological and chemical hazards, has an eye wash bottle or cup been made available in the first aid box