The Makrosafe Health and Safety Representative 1-Day Training Course is the ideal way to ensure that your OHS representatives fully understand their objectives and statutory requirements. Every representative in this field has rights, powers, functions and duties that must be understood and implemented.

This course ensures efficiency and understanding of duties and obligations for this position. Attendees will have a greater understanding of SHE requirements and responsibilities according to the OHS Act. Implementing and monitoring various legislative procedures that promote and manage SHE related incidents, is also taught. Attendees will learn skills to identify health and safety issues, to consult with authorities on the matter and to further effectively resolve these issues.

TheMakrosafe Health and Safety Representative Course is everything that your OHS representatives needs to know, perfectly put together in a 1-day training session. To learn more about this course and how it can benefit your company, be sure to contact our Makrosafe team today!

The person attending this course will be able to understand the objectives and statutory requirements pertaining to health and safety in the workplace. The learners will be able to explain the rights, powers, functions and duties of the workplace health and safety representative and how any errant health, safety and environmental issues may be handled. Learners will also be able to participate in the safety, health and environmental structures and measure these activities according to health, safety and environmental requirements.