OHS Inspections are legally required for workplaces to reach compliance.

health and safety inspection
Health and Safety inspections are crucial for reaching compliance

Regular inspections are required to determine the Health and Safety compliance of a workplace. Such inspections need to be carried out by skilled and trained professionals. Only skilled and trained professionals have the knowledge on the legal aspects and requirements that have to be met to achieve a safe work environment

Inspecting a workplace regularly will help measure the Health and Safety compliance of your workplace. During such inspections, hazards are identified on time and this gives companies time to put relevant corrective measures in place. As MAKROSAFE performs OHS inspections every day, various comprehensive packages have been put together and that will assist companies in achieving compliance.

The MAKROSAFE OHS Inspection Services alleviates employers from the stress of having to identify and measure compliance risks and solutions in isolation. MAKROSAFE Health and Safety specialists will perform the inspections and offer advice on the measures to be taken to achieve legal compliance. Subscribers to this package receive a Health and Safety Kit which includes a variety of documents and tools that assists in communicating and determining the need for being compliant.

The package also includes assistance in handling injuries of duty cases, assistance and support regarding inspections and queries with the Department of Labour, as well as with queries by the workmen's compensation authorities. This assistance will ensure that organizations have the right and knowledgeable people dealing with their legal issues.

Other services that organizations will be rendered by this competitive package include provision with templates and knowledge on how to conduct inspections and toolbox talks, draft appointment letters and safe operating procedures. MAKROSAFE also provides assistance with agreements for various contractors that may conduct work in their workplaces as they are governed by various regulations.

With this package, organizations can rest assured that they will always meet their health and safety compliance obligations.

Inspections are an effective tool of proactively determining the level of compliance and what needs to be done in terms of improving health and safety. Having the OHS inspections done by a dedicated and well-informed service provider ensures that even the most hidden and not immediate Health and Safety hazards are identified timeously.

Don't be fooled by what you think or see. It's the dangers you don't know about or see that will cause the damage. Have your premises inspected by professionals and have it done regularly to allow you to continue operating and applying your focus where you want it to be.


Posted date: 10th Nov 2015
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