Parents can go to great length to identify schools where they know for sure that their child will be looked after during the day. Shouldn't those working at that school also deserve to be provided with the best care possible?

IOD, Injuries
IODs are a serious matter and will cost your company. Prevention is the best solution!

Schools should be a safe haven for anybody who is on the premises but the reality is much different.
For those working at schools the facility is, by no means, different from any other workplace. It can even be worse as the majority of those on the premises often have no clue about 'responsibility' and often don't consider possible risks.Schools are no exception when it comes to the common incidents that can happen at any others workplace. Slips, trips and falls make the bulk of injuries South African employees often suffer. They are as likely to happen at a school as they are at any other office environment or facility.

Innocent slips, trips or falls can often cause fractures or other injuries that can render a teacher or employee unable to work for a considerable period of time. If that happens, the school suddenly faces a massive paper burden.
Certainly; schools are used to paperwork. But when it comes to injuries on duty, it suddenly becomes a different ball game. Doctor reports have to be submitted as do other paperwork related to the incident and employee. While schools are known that have a well-established admin department and archive, dealing with the Workmen's Compensation is something different. The case needs to be followed up and various departments can request different information. It can become a nightmare to continuously follow the case up or go back to the administration.

That is why MAKROSAFE always encourages schools to enlist the help of specialists who can take over when an employee gets injured. Regardless whether it is a teacher, care taker or security official; as long as this person is employed by the school, school governing boards and management have the duty to provide them with the best care. Calling out the best paramedics is the first step, should that be required, ensuring a proper and smooth paper process is another. The easier of the recovery process goes, the better it is for all involved.
Teachers are known to be adamant to be back at school as quick as possible as they fully understand their responsibility. Such return can be speed up when neither the employee involved nor the school has to worry about the administrative process.

The Incidents on Duty department at MAKROSAFE has been dealing with several cases over many years. They know from experience where to go, or what steps to take. They also know when to apply pressure and when to wait to let the process role. Having them just a phone call away will be the best insurance one needs. Teachers who know they are being looked after will be much more comfortable and focused when it comes to looking after other people.


Posted date: 28th Jan 2016
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