Incentive to do the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate training course – Aspiring health and safety professionals who would like to do the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate course but don �t have the financial means to pay for the course, can apply for a subsidy from the Waltfin Trust Fund. Most candidates have received a substantial 80% subsidy, which amounts to close to R10 200.00 off the initial course cost.

When MAKROSAFE put together the content for the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate course, it was with the ambition to train those with no prior experience or education to be able to find employment within the South African health and safety industry. The industry is in dire need of professionals and the high number of incidents that take place in the workplace every day, is proof that South Africa still has a long way to go when it comes to complying with legislation and providing a safe and secure workplace.

The MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate course is, contrary to traditional education, provided anywhere where the student prefers to receive training. Once a sufficient number of students have signed onto a particular part of the country, MAKROSAFE will bring the course directly to their doorstep.

Tuition fees for the complete MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate course are dependent on various factors , ie location , amount of subsidy received (if received) etc. This fee covers the hosting and teaching of learners, as well as all learning material and a certificate for those who are declared competent. Learners who graduate from the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate course automatically meet all academic entrance requirements for professional registration with the South African Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (SAIOSH), the most recognised and respected industry association in South Africa. Registration with this association is regarded as an added value by many employers in the industry. According to a recent survey conducted by SAIOSH it is believed that registered professionals of SAIOSH receive better remuneration than their peers who are not affiliated to an industry body.

According to the government unemployment amongst youth currently sits at 36.1%. This made MAKROSAFE realise that a major part of the targeted learners, would most likely not have the financial means to pay their tuition fees before they could start reaping the benefits. The Waltfin Trust fund has backed the vision of MAKROSAFE Holdings (Pty) Ltd and has come to the aid with various subsidies for prospective candidates based on their individual applications.

The trust has undertaken to support those learners who are eager to obtain a qualification in the industry, but who don't have the finances to pay for the course. Aspiring learners of all ages, gender and race categories are encouraged to submit their request to the trust. They are expected to motivate why they want to do the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate course as well as why they require assistance from the trust to pay for part of their fees.

The process is made easy by simplifying the application form as much as possible. Aware of the need for educated professionals it is the Trust' ambition to stimulate and support as many people as possible to find employment in the South African Health and Safety industry: it is therefore willing to cover up to 80% of the tuition cost per approved learner.

As the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Certificate course has been fully accepted and accredited by both the Health and Welfare Seta, and SAIOSH, the course is highly respected within the industry. Since the introduction of the course earlier this year, dozens of learners have signed up to do the course and become a future health and safety leader.

Posted date: 10th Jun 2014
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