Having as many employees as possible attending a First Aid Level 1 Training course is, for many reasons, the right thing to do. The training prepares learners both psychologically and physically for emergencies that may occur and how to effectively react on them. Employees who know that they are being looked after and who know in the unfortunate event of an incident they will be taken care of, are more productive.

The Act states the following when it comes to workplaces and First Aiders:
If a workplace has more than ten employees, the employer should ensure that 1 trained and certified First Aider is assigned to every 50 employees for any workplace except for offices and shops. In cases of shops and office one similar First Aider should be appointed for every 100 employees.

First Aid Level 1 Training
First Aid Level 1 Training

First Aid Level 1 Training is meant to assist such people. It prepares them for assessing emergency situations and providing basic life support. The course also equips aspiring First Aiders with skills on how to handle an emergency scene. First Aid level 1 training can be done by all employees. It is a basic guidance on how to deal and manage every day first aid emergencies in workplaces.

A First Aid Level 1 Training will assist a learner with basic introductions. This includes, but is not limited to, the following aspects:
1. How to understanding of an emergency scene
2. How to assess an emergency situation
3. understanding elementary anatomy and physiology
4. skills to apply First Aid procedures for a threatening situation
5. how to treat common wounds

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is the most emphasized area of training. It essential in enabling First Aiders to respond successfully to emergencies of short breathe and suffocation. The First Aid Level 1 training course is lectured according to the Department of Labour standards and guidelines as stipulated in the OHS Act.
MAKROSAFE is an authorized and certified training Institute that provides all kinds of health and safety related training. This includes First Aid level 1training. The MAKROSAFE First Aid Level 1 training course is designed to enable employees to respond to medical or injury emergencies effectively, immediately.
The course is lectured with a balance between theory and practical, just like all other MAKROSAFE courses. It gives learners a chance to put theoretical knowledge into practical skills. Skills that are lectured include practicing CPR, splinting, bandaging and how to prevent and stop extensive bleeding. The basic principles of personal safety as well as ensuring that first aid is rendered in a safe environment are also an integral part of the training conducted.
First Aid level 1 training is provided by several means of lecturing which enables to learn and understand the content. It is provided through group discussions, demonstration and facilitation to mention but a few. The lecturers who provide the training boast of many years of experience and are flexible to meet any learners' preferred pace of learning. They are well knowledgeable and are up to date with latest trends and legislation. This puts them in a better position to provide the correct information to their learners. Having employees attending a MAKROSAFE First Aid Level 1 training is your safest bet for a productive workforce.


Posted date: 4th Mar 2015
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