The NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is a qualification aimed at aspiring health and safety professionals, building directly upon the foundation of knowledge provided by the NEBOSH National General Certificate. It is designed to provide students with the expertise required to undertake a career as a safety and health practitioner and also provides a sound basis for progression to postgraduate study. This qualification provides the core health and safety knowledge which, combined with understanding and appropriate application, underpins the competent performance of an Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner.

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There are no prerequisite requirements for this course, however candidates should keep in mind that this is a professional level qualification and equivalent to a degree-level qualification. This course emphasizes practical management, encouraging a proportionate response to risk while providing a clear understanding of the role of the practitioner. Students are empowered to positively influence health and safety standards and practice at every organizational level.

The qualification is divided into four units:

  • Unit A – Managing Health and Safety.
  • Unit B – Hazardous agents in the workplace.
  • Unit C – Workplace and work equipment safety.
  • Unit DNI – Application of health and safety management in the workplace.

Students may choose to take individual units in any order over a five year period and will be awarded a unit certificate for each unit passed. Units A, B, and C are assessed by a written examination. Unit DNI is a workplace-based assessment, requiring students to conduct a beneficial review of health and safety arrangements in their own organisation.

On completion of this course, students will gain the expertise that professionals need to meet the needs of the modern workplace. They will gain practical skills that are essential as it assesses students’ ability to apply their skills and knowledge and deliver a positive change throughout the workplace.

Organisations prefer to employ workers with NEBOSH qualifications as they possess a proven set of high-level skills and knowledge. Therefore, the workplace is a safer environment as Diplomates assist employers in protection against injury and loss of life. This helps to maintain a healthy workforce, avoiding prosecution, litigation, absence cost and loss of reputation.

The NEBOSH National Diploma is recognized by IOSH as fulfilling the academic requirements for Chartered Management (CMIOSH). It also meets requirements for full membership of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (MIIRSM).

Posted date: 24th Nov 2017
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