The Wood and Upholstery industry is made up of any company that deals with Forestry, Logging, Timber and Furniture.

The wood and upholstery industry has one of the highest accident rates in manufacturing, most of them being caused by moving machinery. Creating a strict Health and safety programme, as well and educating staff through training, will form an integral part of making sure companies in this industry stay clear of deaths and injuries. Health and safety in the wood and upholstery industry is complicated to manage due to the levels of training required. There are a number of different work sites to consider – forestry regions with felling of trees, stacking of timber, transporting and off-loading of timber, production of furniture at the factory, and distributing the final product to retailers. Every step of the process poses risks for debilitating injury. Every piece of machinery requires specific training, both in terms of the equipment’s function, as well as precautions that need to be taken and what to do in case of an emergency. Workers are often far away from medical treatment and need to be trained to administer first aid until help arrives. The importance of teamwork is also critical as many injuries occur due to miscommunication and not working in sync with one another during crucial moments such as moving heavy logs.

Common hazards and injuries in the wood and upholstery industry include:
Loss of limb from misuse of machinery
Occupational lung diseases caused by inhaling fumes or sawdust residue
Eye injuries and irritation from sawdust and wood chips
Injury and death from falling trees or moving timber
Loss of hearing caused by loud working environments

At MAKROSAFE, we believe in training employers and employees and implementing systems to ensure workplace health and safety.


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