Trade and commerce refers to any company that deals in the buying, selling and exchange of goods and services.  Work sites range from offices to shipping yards and the health and safety management in this industry is vast and complicated.


Many aspects of trade and commerce involve high-stress job environments where millions of rands are lost and gained in minutes.  Employees need to be able to identify their stress triggers as well as how to manage them.  This necessitates health and safety training with a particular focus on mental strength, focus and resilience, in addition to the norm.


There are many administrative tasks involved in the trade and commerce industry as well, which also involve health and safety aspects and considerations.  These are usually office-based, and include the usual evacuation procedures and signage, health and safety training, basic first aid, and so on.

The trade and commerce industry often involves a lot of travelling which poses a risk in terms of transport dangers and sleep deprivation.  Employees should be given sufficient periods of rest after long periods of travelling before business meetings and transactions.


International travel also comes with the risk of communicable diseases and all employees must have their vaccinations and preventative medications up-to-date.


Common injuries in the trade and commerce industry include:


Slips, trips and falls

Stress-related illness such as chronic fatigue, cardiovascular illness, headaches and high blood pressure

Back strain due to ergonomics

Eye strain from long periods behind the computer

Road accidents

International travelling hazards such as illness, sleep deprivation and accidents


MAKROSAFE will ensure full compliance to all relevant South African legislation, regulations, standards and bylaws. We strive to create Safe and healthy workplaces for employers, employees, contractors and customers visiting your site.



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