The security industry is split into the private sector, public sector and national security. Security applies to any vulnerable and/or valuable asset, such as a person, dwelling, community, item, nation, or organization, where it provides a form of protection.


Workers in the security industry can suffer from a variety of work-related illnesses and injuries. Security Personnel should have training to understand hazards that may affect them in their workplace as well as areas off-site, and know what measures have been put in place to protect them.  They also need to have the appropriate training, such as first aid, to be able to handle emergency situations.


The security industry is one of the most dangerous sectors and has threats which include bodily harm, terrorism, hostage situations, and emotional trauma.  Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is a common occurrence and the psychological needs of all employees must be prioritised.


In addition to first aid, health and safety training should include how to recognise symptoms of stress and fatigue.  Regular risk assessments for each employee must be carried out to ensure that each person is still performing optimally and healthily.  


It seems to be common sense, and yet PPE is often underestimated in the security industry.  In addition to bullet-proof vests and the obvious protective gear, there are important PPE such as goggles and steel-toed boots for certain environments that can be overlooked.


Common injuries, hazards and incidents in the security industry include:


Violence in the workplace

Injuries and falls during emergency situations

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Exposure to harmful substances

Stress-related illnesses such as chronic fatigue, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure


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