The road and transport industry is made up of any company that deals with the transportation of people, products or animals and includes modes of transport such as rail, road, air, water, cable and pipeline.


Health and Safety in the road and transport industry can become rather complex, as you are not only dealing with employers and employees in a workplace, but also employers and employees out of the work place on a daily basis within normal working hours.


Companies operating within the road and transport industry need to take the proper precautions to avoid contributing to the ever growing injury statistics. Developing a strong in-house Health and Safety culture to provide employees with the knowledge to identify and avoid hazards will help prevent injuries.


Many catastrophic accidents can be avoided through diligent identification of hazards, but even in these cases, emergencies can and do occur.  The response time of staff and emergency personnel after an accident often makes the difference between life and death.  All road and transport employees need to be well trained in emergency procedures, and regular drills need to be performed.  The lives of passengers becomes the primary concern and ensuring evacuation and first aid procedures are smoothly managed is critical.


Mechanical failure is often the cause of accidents, and for this reason, regular assessments and services need to be performed to ensure optimal functioning of machinery and vehicles.


Common accidents and incidents in the road and transport industry are:


Car accidents

Other transport accidents, such as air, sea and rail

Injuries caused by machinery

Injuries caused by poor ergonomics


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