The industry includes anyone working commercially in kitchens, restaurants, hotels, cafes, fast food restaurants, pubs and clubs.  This is a massive industry that employs millions of people across South Africa and is the centre of tourism.  Strategic health and safety management with detailed policies and procedures is essential.  Mistakes can be exceptionally costly.


To ensure a healthy and safe working environment in the hospitality industry, everyone involved needs to have a strong understanding of their own health and safety, as well as the health and safety of their fellow employees, employers and most importantly, their clients.


All health and safety information should be displayed as far as possible.  Signage needs to be clear to help avoid accidents.  For example, “Mind your step” on surfaces that are uneven or difficult to see, and “Caution: Wet floor” when mopping up spills.


Everyone in the organisation has a part to play in making sure nobody is put at risk. When planning and carrying out operations, employees are faced with a number of hazards and potential dangers they need to avoid.  They need to be trained in a number of health and safety aspects for the hospitality industry specficially.  These include hygiene and housekeeping, evacuation procedures, how to deal with bomb threats, the dangers associated with food and food products, as well as how to identify common hazards and elminate them immediately e.g. spillages.


Common hazards and injuries in the hospitality industry include:


Hot Surfaces

Sharp objects

Food poisoning and contamination

Violence in the workplace (terrorism is becoming a big problem)

Poor housekeeping

Slips, trips and falls


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