This industry refers to any company that deals with the recycling and manufacturing of paper and paper products as well as any print media and printing processes.  


Although technology is ever growing, the paper and printing industry still goes strong, and with it, comes a long list of dangers. This industry uses an array of chemicals and not only poses a risk for employers and employees, but the environment too - a factor that is often overlooked by most. Large printing presses, high-speed machinery and commercial shredders pose their own set of hazards.  All employees need to be properly trained in the operation of this machinery, be fully aware of the risks, as well as how to respond should a malfunction occur.

Employees on the printing site are often on their feet all day and need sufficient time for rest breaks that includes sitting down regularly.  Ventilation is also a critical factor as the printing fumes can become overwhelming.


Work sites that involve working with printing chemicals directly, need to have adequate PPE provided, as well as intensive training on the health and safety processes for the printing industry as a whole.


Common hazards and injuries in the paper and printing industry include:

Fire hazards in the form of scrap paper

Slips, trips and falls

Occupational lung diseases caused by chemical fumes (especially when PPE is not worn)

Injury from printing machinery (these are operated at exceptionally high speeds)

Commercial shredders and blades

Stacking and storage hazards

Lung irritations and allergies from printing fumes


MAKROSAFE assists clients by managing their health and safety programme in a cost effective manner. Our services are designed to assess, assist, implement and manage our client’s health and safety programme to its full potential.




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