The metal industry is made up of any company that manufactures, recycles and modifies any metal product such as Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Galvanizing metal, Garages and Artificial Limbs.


Health and safety in the metal industry is important because it falls under the manufacturing sector which makes up about 15% of South Africa’s GDP. Having a well-managed Health and Safety system in your workplace can benefit both the employer and employee as even the smallest incident could cause loss of productivity, loss of workers, loss of income, loss of staff morale, and even have a huge impact on the country’s economy.  


Manufacturing can be an extremely hazardous industry but it is the duty of employers and employees to identify and manage those hazards.  The risks for each piece of machinery and product must be documented and included in all training, as well as reassessed during all risk assessments. Employees need to be able to mitigate these hazards as far as possible through proper training and the correct use of PPE. Regular first aid training should be provided in all workshop areas.


Common incidents and Occupational diseases in the metal industry include:


Burns from hot surfaces

Cuts and lacerations from sharp objects

Broken bones, lacerations and loss of limb from misuse of machinery

Back injuries from carrying and lifting heavy objects

Eye injuries from metal shavings and other debris (when failing to use eye goggles while working machinery)

Loss of hearing

Slips, trips and falls


MAKROSAFE Est in 1997 – is an Occupational Health and Safety company offering both training, relevant to the laws of South Africa as well as consulting services. We can assist in keeping your workplace Health and Safety compliant by managing your inspections, programs and injuries on duty administration.  


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