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Skills Development

The Health and Safety Learnership is a learning route towards achieving a nationally recognised qualification in Health and Safety. The MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Learnership Programme is a structured learning qualification which is a combination of theoretical and workplace learning. It is directed towards the achievement of a South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) registered qualification and is registered as a level 2 certified qualification.

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How beneficial is a health and Safety Learnership for your business?

  • A Health and Safety Learnership will benefit your business as workplaces need a health and safety officer to ensure workplace health and safety compliance.
  • Training and developing employees has a direct affect on your business.
  • Learnerships create an amazing platform for possible recruitment for unemployed learners.
  • Companies can maximize their skills development score for its BBBEE scorecard.
  • Employers are able to claim grants for each time a learnership agreement is entered into.
  • Employers can claim a tax incentive when registering a learnership agreement.
  • The tax rebates are beneficial in terms of lowering your training and development budget while actual training is maximizing your BBBEE scorecard.
  • Companies that assist their employees to participate in the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Learnership also assist employees with a clearly defined career path and career goals.

Why should the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Learnership have a place in your training and development plans?

The new BBBEE codes implemented on the 1st May 2017 indicate that learnerships do have a place in training and development and gives a description of the type of training and development that is beneficial in claiming skills development points.

The MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Learnership enable companies to use the learnership to form part of the company’s skills development plan.

By embarking on a learnership programme your company contributes towards the economic empowerment of individuals.

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Benefits of our Health and Safety Qualification

    Assists learners in gaining important work experience while studying
    Learners will be equipped with the practical skills and knowledge to carry out their work with competence and conidence
    It provides a smooth transition from learning into employment
    A qualification supports adults who are seeking a career change

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MAKROSAFE is the leading service provider in South Africa. For the past 17 years our national footprint and world-class capabilities have enabled us to assist clients from 15 different industries by managing their health and safety programme cost effectively and help them reach Health and Safety compliance.

A MAKROSAFE Compliance Audit Will Allow You to Take Control of Your OCCUPATIONAL Health & Safety Program, Before It's Too Late

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