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Health and Safety Documents

Implementing and maintaining your own OHS programme takes a lot of work and just as much paperwork. Keeping Health & Safety documents is an important way to keep your workplace Health and safety compliant.

How many health and safety committees must a business have, and how many members serve on a health and safety committee?

  • The employer determines the number of committees as well as how many members each committee has, based on the following:
    If only one committee has been established for a workplace, all the designated Health and Safety Representatives must be members of that committee.
  • If an inspector is of the opinion that the number of committees in the workplace is inadequate, he or she may determine the establishment of additional committees.
  • Every designated Health and Safety Representative must be a member of at least one health and safety committee.
  • Employers may nominate persons to represent them on a committee.
  • On any committee, the people who represents the employer may not be more than the number of health and safety representatives who represent the workers.

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