Overview of Implementing a Health and Safety Programme

Ensuring Health and Safety in the workplace is a never-ending challenge that requires thorough understanding of all relevant legislation and the involvement of specialists. Our Health and Safety Programme Implementation ensures that fundamental Health and Safety procedures and strategies are put in place to uphold your Health and Safety Compliance.


All employers are expected to have an OHS Programme

The type of programme depends on the size of the workforce and the nature and extent of the risks and hazards in the workplace. Every workplace is different and the OHS programme should be designed to address the specific needs of the individual workplace. Depending on the workplace, there may be a number of health and safety programmes in addition to the formal OHS programme. These may include an emergency plan, a noise control, a confined space entry programme and a respirator programme.

Most programmes should be reviewed annually to ensure that they are effective and to consider changes in the workplace and work activities.


What to expect from MAKROSAFE implementing your Health and Safety Programme

  • A dedicated team of OHS experts to assist you in implementing your Health and Safety Programme.
  • A strong foundation ensuring your company is on the right track to reach Health and Safety Compliance.
  • The correct Health and Safety documents put in place.
  • A strategy to ensure staff attend the correct training and important meetings are scheduled.

Who will Benefit from this Implementation?


Both the company/employer and the employees will benefit greatly from having an experienced OHS auditor conduct a Health and Safety Compliance Audit. MAKROSAFE will ensure that you receive assistance to align Health and Safety in the workplace with your company's goals.