Overview of Implementing a Health and Safety Programme

Ensuring Health and Safety in the workplace is a never-ending challenge that requires thorough understanding of all relevant legislation and the involvement of specialists. Our Health and Safety Programme Implementation ensures that fundamental Health and Safety procedures and strategies are put in place to uphold your OHS Compliance as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993.


All employers are expected to have an OHS Programme

The type of programme depends on the size of the workforce and the nature and extent of the risks and hazards in the workplace. Every workplace is different and the OHS Programme should be designed to address the specific needs of the individual workplace. Depending on the workplace, there may be a number of health and safety programmes in addition to the formal OHS Programme. These may include an emergency plan, a noise control, a confined space entry programme and a respirator programme.

Most programmes should be reviewed annually to ensure that they are effective and to consider changes in the workplace and work activities.


What to expect from MAKROSAFE implementing your Health and Safety Programme

  • A dedicated team of OHS experts to assist you in implementing your Health and Safety Programme.
  • A strong foundation ensuring your company is on the right track to reach Health and Safety Compliance.
  • The correct Health and Safety documents put in place.
  • A strategy to ensure staff attend the correct training and important meetings are scheduled.

What to expect from your Service Level Agreement?

The Programme includes but not limited to and specified on the Service Level Agreement.

Administration: MAKROSAFE employees are characterised by their knowledge, experience, commitment and dedication.

The administrative team ensures all data is captured instantly and correctly.

Inspections and Consulting: MAKROSAFE Practitioners, inspect workplaces to identify risks and to suggest control measures that are required to reduce or nullify the risk.

MAKROSAFE has the capacity and the knowledge to conduct all inspection aspects that are described in the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Inspections and Consultations are done monthly, quarterly and annually and clients are continuously updated on work conducted and improvements made.

Task Based Risk Assessment: Risk Assessment will be conducted and implemented with Control Measures and reviewed annually, when your operations change or when an incident occurs.

OHS On-Line: Clients have the benefit of accessing numerous templates such as policies, inspections, procedures and appointment letters on-line that MAKROSAFE has drafted over many years and which can assist in improving operations and increasing the health and safety of the workplace.

Health and Safety Induction Training: Health and Safety Induction Training is conducted to welcome new employees to the organisation and to prepare them for their new role and their duties. The induction also ensures that employees are informed about the organisation and they are aware of their work as well as responsibilities.

The induction is the starting point for an organisation to introduce a safety culture in the workplace and it forms the foundation to ensure safe practices.

Formal Training at Centralized Venues: Health and Safety Formal Training slots allocated as per SLA option chosen would include First Aid, Fighter Fighter, SHE Rep, Incident Investigator and OHS ACT for Management.

Appointment Letters: Appointment Letters Template’s would cover the Formal Training Legal appointments as per the Health and Safety organogram set for your business.

Mini Kit: The Health and Safety File compiled as per the business Health and Safety structure.

Poster Pack: Poster Pack includes the mandatory wall posters required by OHS Act and includes the following posters – OHS ACT wall chart, Employment equity wall chart, Basic Conditions of Employment wall chart, Schedule D wall chart and OHS ACT Book.

Additional Services: Additional services may be purchased to your agreement on My Safety Shop for non-SafetyWallet subscribers. Clients that have subscribed to SafetyWallet, may purchase these add-ons to their agreement from SafetyWallet Shop. Applicable SafetyWallet discounts will feature for subscribed clients.

What are my Service Level Agreement Options

Clients will have two options to choose from:

Option 1: MY SAFETY SHOP – No monthly Subscriptions, NO discounts or rewards.

Includes only the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Programme Service Level Agreement…


Includes the SafetyWallet monthly Subscription PLUS the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Programme Services Level Agreement.

By contracting to the MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Programme via the SafetyWallet Subscription, you will benefit from all the discounts and rewards…

The MAKROSAFE Health and Safety Programme pricing will be calculated by selecting the services plus the SafetyWallet Package via the SafetyWallet Portal in line with your business Industry type and size.

It will take away all stress, additional workload and discomfort as MAKROSAFE will make it their responsibility to ensure that assistance towards the health and safety programme in the workplace is implemented.

By subscribing today, you will no longer have to stress as all health and safety related matters in your workplace will be taken care of.

INCLUDED in the SafetyWallet monthly Subscription fee are the following benefits:

  1. SafetyWallet Subscription Certificate.
  2. OHS Online Cloud Based Health and Safety Management System.
  3. 30 Health and Safety E-learning Training modules.
  4. 1200 (continually growing) Task Templates with associated Hazards and Risks to the specific task.
  5. Legal appointment letter templates available in accordance with current legislation.
  6. 46 Inspection checklists can also be done via the OHS online mobile app that is easily downloaded onto any android mobile device.
  7. Contractors control and management support.
  8. Toolbox talks.
  9. Safety alerts.
  10. Legislative updates on applicable legislation.
  11. Telephonic support on all Health and Safety matters pertaining to your company.
  12. Workman compensation compliance verification and applications for rebates.

Who will Benefit from this Implementation?


Both the company/employer and the employees will benefit greatly from having an experienced OHS Practitioner implementing a Health and Safety Programme. MAKROSAFE will ensure that you receive assistance to align Health and Safety in the workplace with your company's goals.