IOSH Working Safely Online Course


IOSH Working Safely online course duration is 8 hours. The course is open to individuals at any level. It is aimed at individuals interested in learning the basics of health and safety by teaching you how, through everyday behaviour, you can improve safety, health and wellbeing in the workplace and in general.

What this course can do for you

You will obtain the knowledge to work safely.
You will know what tools is necessary to work safely.
You will be able to define hazards and risks.
You will know how to assess and control risk.
You will have a good understanding of responsibilities.
You will gain knowledge on how to protect the environment

Target population

Individuals who take on the IOSH Working Safely online course qualification are not responsible for health and safety but need to be aware of the risks associated with the workplace. The qualification is perfect if a company is looking at building a health and safety culture within the workplace.

Course Content

Explain working safely
Defining hazards and risks / how to assess and control risk
Understanding responsibilities
Workplace precaution hierarchies
How to protect the environment

Training Methodology

The IOSH working safely online course platform is interactive offering candidates games, quizzes, forums and mock exams to help prepare for their exams. Candidates will also have a dedicated Tutor throughout their studies.

Course dates

IOSH Working Safely course is studied online. Candidates are permitted to enrol throughout the year.

6 - 8 hours of online study is required followed by an online exam.

IOSH Working Safely Online Course is offered by

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