The construction industry is made up of any company that is involved in the construction, alteration and repair of buildings and structures.  Materials used include glass, brick, tile and concrete and the industry covers everything from large building organisations to smaller companies of repair men.


Health and safety in the construction industry is important because it is such an integral part of the South African economy.  Having a well-managed Health and Safety system in your workplace can benefit both the employer and employee as even the smallest incident could cause loss of productivity, loss of workers, loss of income, and loss of staff morale.


Construction can be an extremely hazardous industry but it is the duty of employers and employees to identify and manage those hazards.  The risks for each piece of machinery and product must be documented and included in all training, as well as reassessed during all risk assessments. Employees need to be able to mitigate these hazards as far as possible through proper training and the correct use of PPE. Regular first aid training should be provided in all construction areas.


All employees and visitors to construction sites need to be provided with full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment such as a hard hat and steel-toed boots) and basic instruction on health and safety.  


Common hazards and injuries in the construction industry include:


Slips, trips and falls

Falling from a height (for example, scaffolding)

Back injuries from carrying heavy weights

Loss of limb while operating machinery

Lacerations and burns

Eye injuries from shrapnel and dust

Crushing injuries from heavy materials such as bricks and concrete

Lung injuries from breathing in dust and fine glass

Hearing loss from loud working environments


MAKROSAFE will ensure full compliance to all relevant South African legislation, regulations, standards and bylaws. We strive to create safe and healthy workplaces for employers, employees, contractors and customers visiting your site.



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