This industry referrers to any company that deals with the handling, manufacturing and distribution of any food, drink and tobacco product.

The food, beverage and tobacco industry provides safe consumable products to millions of people worldwide on a daily basis, so it’s not difficult to see why health and safety in this industry should be a top priority. Employees and employers need to look out for their own health and safety needs, as well as the health and safety needs of the consumers using their products. This entails making sure that their products are safe for consumption before they leave the workplace.
All transport of ingredients from the suppliers to the work site also needs to be clearly monitored, and all consumable products must be tested before they are unpackaged and combined with others. These stringent tests need to pass all industry standards and any abnormality detected must immediately be eliminated and reported to higher management. Food poisoning, contamination, and toxic levels of certain compounds must be avoided at all costs. There must also be adequate control against pests and insects in the work environment. Not only can they destroy stock, but they also carry many diseases.

Hazards and incidents in this workplace include:
Loss of limb due to improper use of machinery
Exposure to extreme heat or cold
Slips, trips and falls
Forklift accidents
Falling objects due to poor stacking


MAKROSAFE offers training that is required for handling specific hazards and the training that is dictated by South African legislation, MAKROSAFE will also handle both the investigation and the administrative processes should an incident occur as well as submit claims to the Workman’s Compensation Commissioner on your behalf.



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