The sports and entertainment industry is exciting and unexpected things can always happen, which is why Health and Safety is so important.


Entertainment is described as an activity which provides a diversion for people to amuse themselves in their leisure time, and provides fun, enjoyment and laughter. You not only have to look out for the safety of performers and athletes, but the spectators and fans too, which is where health and safety becomes very difficult.


Of primary importance, especially in large sports stadiums, is the evacuation procedures in place.  During an emergency crowd control becomes exceptionally difficult, and for this reason, exits need to be clearly marked and easy to access.  Crowd flow must also be managed by appointed staff who need to remain calm and assertive.


All potential hazards must have clear signage (such as “beam overhead”) and wet surfaces from spillages must be immediately cleaned when identified.


Hygiene in public bathrooms and rest areas is also critical, and food vendors must all be certified and regularly assessed.  It is also becoming increasingly necessary for additional security precautions, not only during the sporting events, but as fans are let through the gates.  Proper checks need to be performed and documented.


Highly trained paramedics need to be on duty at all times, not only for the athletes, but for the spectators as well.  Emergency vehicles must be on standby throughout the event and response times are of the utmost importance.


Common incidents and injuries in the sports and entertainment industry include:


Slips, trips and falls

Falling from heights

Sports-related injuries

Altercations both on and off the field

Crushing injuries from crowd movement and panic


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