This industry includes any company that manufactures, works with, or distributes Oil, Paint, Chemicals and Rubber as well as any products that go into the manufacturing of these products.


The chemical industry is particularly dangerous to employers and employees, as well as the environment, as the production of these products (as well as the products as a whole) can cause various kinds of occupational diseases, including different forms of cancer. There is an ongoing threat of exposure and injury when handling chemicals.  This can include splatter (causing burns and/or harmful ingestion), inhalation of gases or fumes, spillage resulting in slips and falls, on-site fires, radiation, and overheating (often due to layers of protective clothing).


All employees and visitors to chemical sites need to be provided with full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and basic instruction on health and safety.  Any personnel working with chemicals, rubber, oil and paint must be properly trained and certified to do so.  This includes training on precautions that need to be taken with each substance, as well as what could go wrong, and what to do in such a case.  


Extensive first aid training, that is often unique to the chemical industry, must be provided to every employee.  This includes the immediate assistance of someone who has sustained a chemical burn or has been inadvertently exposed to a harmful substance.


As fires and explosions are more common in the chemical industry, fire drills and evacuation procedures need to be regularly reinforced.


Common occupational diseases and injuries include:



Chemical burns

Lung disease

Eye injuries

Slips and falls due to spillage

Radiation and exposure to other harmful substances



MAKROSAFE will ensure full compliance to all relevant South African legislation, regulations, standards and bylaws.  We strive to create Safe and healthy workplaces for employers, employees, contractors and customers visiting your site.

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