This industry includes any organisation that is involved in non-profit work and fundraising.  The work sites vary greatly, from offices to various locations out in the field.  Many charities work at grass roots level and employees may be exposed to dangerous conditions on a daily basis.  For example, medical and veterinary services in low income areas may pose a risk in terms of personal healthy and safety.  There may be a higher risk of contracting a disease, as well as higher exposure to violence, and physical harm through hard labour.  For example, many charity organisations provide voluntary work that can include construction and heavy lifting.  Health and safety in the charity industry is a vast area to manage and establishing step-by-step procedures and policies is imperative for smooth operations.

There are many administrative tasks involved in the charity industry as well, which also involve health and safety aspects and considerations.  These are usually office-based, and include the usual evacuation procedures and signage, health and safety training, basic first aid, and so on.

As many charity industries work with communicable diseases, it is important that all employees are regularly tested and that very strict preventative measures are taken, including the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).  Adequate health and safety training for the specific charity industry needs to be provided for all employees.

Common injuries and incidents in the charity industry are:


Slips, trips and falls

Back strain and injuries caused by poor ergonomics

Exposure to illnesses

Rough field conditions resulting in injury

Physical violence

Long hours and exhaustion


MAKROSAFE will ensure full compliance to all relevant South African legislation, regulations, standards and bylaws. We strive to create safe and healthy workplaces for employers, employees, contractors and customers visiting your site.



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