In the airline and aviation industry, health and safety issues concerning employers, employees and customers are crucial in most activities. The airline and aviation industry is made up of any company that deals with aircraft operations, passenger transport and cargo, whether it be humans, animals or products.   


The importance of health and safety in the aviation and airline industry is rarely thought about and we only consider it when horrific accidents happen. The implementation of effective health and safety programmes in the aviation and airline industry saves not only the lives of employers and employees, but also the countless customers that use this service on a daily basis. The importance of health and safety in the aviation and airline industry is staggering. When an incident occurs a segment of the public is more hesitant to fly, resulting in a loss of revenue to the airline industry and our greater economy too. This is in addition to potential lives being lost.


Emergency evacuation procedures and policies are of the utmost importance in the airline and aviation industry because every second counts in the case of an accident or mechanical malfunction.


Apart from major accidents, there are also minor incidents that can result in injury.  These include passengers tripping on the aircraft, hot beverages being spilt during turbulence, hand luggage falling from overhead compartments, and so on.


Common injuries and incidents in the Airline and Aviation industry are:


Slips, trips and falls

Back strain and injuries caused by poor ergonomics

Aircraft malfunction

Injuries from working with machinery


MAKROSAFE will ensure full compliance to all relevant South African legislation, regulations, standards and bylaws. We strive to create safe and healthy workplaces for employers, employees, contractors and customers visiting your site.



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